The Importance of Maths

The Importance of Mathematics Five questions were released ahead of World Maths Day which allegedly have stumped most adults according to the national press!  Have you ever tried to help your child and been told “That’s not how we do it in school!” in response to your approach?  Did you hate Maths at school? Did you like […]

Our Experience of the 2022 Lü World Championship!

Our Experience of the 2022 Lü World Championship Who doesn’t love a competition? Imagine being able to play against other schools around the world. Well that’s what happened on 6th December for the pupils of St Cecilia’s Primary and Fazakerley Primary by entering the Lü World Championships 2022. The Lü – Interactive Playground provides fun, […]

Going back to school blues

With the 2022/23 school year just around the corner, we wanted to raise awareness for pupils, parents and teachers about how they can deal with their worries. We believe education is a massive part of everyone’s lives, whether that’s in school, college, university or doing apprenticeships and placements but we also know from our own […]

Why become a Wackitball Instructor?

Wackitball is the newest urban racket sport in the UK and is perfect for all types of settings such as schools, community centres, sports clubs and many, many more! Below in this will be some examples of how you can use Wackitball to help you. Schools We have many options available for schools so they […]

My First Experience of Lü…

My name is Fern and I am a second year marketing student in Liverpool John Moores University. I started my internship at IP Presents around two weeks ago and in this time I have been amazed by the company and the wonderful opportunities they provide for children and also for adults. When I started with […]

Watching Your Posture

Since COVID-19 struck the world, more and more of us have been advised by our governments about working from home and how doing so can improve our chances at stopping the spread of the virus. This post will explain the different manners in which even the way we sit can affect us whilst sitting at […]