More options for better training – Dojö revamped!

You’ll be very happy to hear that new and exciting options are coming to the Lü Interactive Playground with the application Dojö.

The Lü absorbs people in physical activity through the gamification of education, combining learning through movement.

Made up of short challenges in the form of projected exercise cards, Dojö encourages players to move in an autonomous fashion.

A user favourite, the exercise types have been reorganised into new categories: cardio, coordination, strength, warm-up and playful.

Dojö is a great application to get players to move independently. It’s fantastic for a warm-up, an exercise class or even just to get moving and to have some fun!

Along with the update, you can now preview moves before you start an arrangement that you created on the Lü Community. This allows you to demonstrate the exercise to help users work on their motor skills and prevent injuries.

Learn more about Dojö and the Lü Interactive Playground’s ever-growing selection of applications by getting in touch here!