Exhibitions have just become a lot more fun!

The Lü Interactive Playground is the latest innovation and biggest game changer in gamification technology combined with physical inclusion involved in it.

Brand new to the UK, the Lü is amazing at exhibitions, being able to promote your business whilst attracting people to your stand with everybody having a fun and active time.

Where have we been?

The Lü Interactive Playground is the perfect eye-catcher at any exhibition.

With the latest advancements in audio-visual technology and being fully customisable, the Lü can attract people to your stand allowing you to get more customers and/or clients while leaving them with an ever-lasting memory meaning they won’t forget you!

Built for everyone!

Fully inclusive and made for everyone to enjoy, the Lü Interactive Playground allows everyone to have a really fun time while taking home an experience they’ll never forget!

Give everyone something to remember, no matter there physical or mental disability. 

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Our most recent Exhibition - BETT 2023