The crew at Lü Interactive Playground have once again updated their portfolio of applications with their latest release – Just Shapes & Beats Mïni.

Lü’s software development team designs and develops around a dozen educational applications yearly. Now, for the first time in Lü’s history, a partnership has been formed with an outside studio to create a brand-new application, just in time for the end of school.
Together with Quebec City-based company, Berkerk Studios, they have developed a fan favourite game created by Berzerk Studios for use on the Lü.

Just Beats and Shapes was developed by Berzerk Studios and released back in 2018 and were a fantastic success being produced and playable on PS4/5, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Xbox and purchasable from Steam.
The game is a trippy multiplayer-coop bullet-hell based on two simple things, there are going to be shapes and some kick-ass beats.

The game has been redesigned for the Lü so the game can stay musically packed and one where players still work together but now, in a more immersive and interactive environment which in turn created
Just Shapes & Beats Mïni.

This new application proves that when great minds come together, amazing things happen and proves more than ever, that we need to be together as a community.

Want to give it a try or learn about the Lü? Get in touch!


– 0333 366 1011