My name is Fern and I am a second year marketing student in Liverpool John Moores University. I started my internship at IP Presents around two weeks ago and in this time I have been amazed by the company and the wonderful opportunities they provide for children and also for adults.

When I started with IP, I was fascinated by the concept of Lü and over the last two weeks, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about Lü, its features and its benefits. However, it was not until yesterday at the LJMU Movement Matters event that I physically experienced Lü and was able to see for myself just how fantastic it is!

Lü enables children to combine learning and movement without realising that they are doing either, a concept which I think is amazing, especially when working with Children with SEN. Seeing the children getting so involved and so eager to learn and move through playing on Lü was just a magical experience for me. Despite all the other events and attractions available for the children, they just could not wait to discover Lü and play themselves. From virtual basketball to motion candy crush, I’m not sure who enjoyed playing more… me or the children!

Yesterday, I was truly opened up to the ‘Wonderful World of Lü and I think everybody needs to have this opportunity!’

By Fern.