Our Experience of the 2022 Lü World Championship

Who doesn’t love a competition? Imagine being able to play against other schools around the world. Well that’s what happened on 6th December for the pupils of St Cecilia’s Primary and Fazakerley Primary by entering the Lü World Championships 2022.

The Lü – Interactive Playground provides fun, physical activities that involve working both our brains and bodies through gamification of education, combining learning through movement, this combination is a wonderfully innovative way to engage those least active pupils in schools. Proven to address attendance and behaviour issues amongst pupils and have a positive impact on their physical and mental wellbeing.

On the Tuesday morning we visited St Cecilia’s Primary and were warmly welcomed by super enthusiastic Reception and Year One pupils. After setting up we then warmed the pupils up by doing some active maths, but maths as they’d never seen before. We then put the SPORTS APP basketball on to have a practice session of our throwing and aiming skills before Year One pupils stood up and took the SPÖRTS Lü basketball challenge. This challenge was a fast paced race lasting 5 minutes in which the pupils had to score as many points as they could, they got 3 chances and with a lot of cheering, support and encouragement they improved their scores every time. Showing that with a little practice and competition, our hand eye co-ordination, throwing skills, ball control and aim improve.

Then it was on to Fazakerley Primary School where it was the turn of the juniors.

What an atmosphere the Year 4 pupils created, we had 30 children compete in 3 teams of 10. They all cheered each other on and with skills and drills were able to get a really great score.

It was then the turn of the ‘Big Guns’, Year 6… with teamwork and communication, they were able to beat their previous scores every time. Getting a highly respectable 277 points.

We would like to thank the schools for welcoming us and the pupils for being awesome!!

Looking forward to Lü – Interactive Playgrounds’ next Championship Tournament, the UK may not have won this time but the pupils had the smiles of champions as they all had a wonderful Lü experience, and all promised to try and become the Champions next time!!