Here at IP Present’s we love what our customers have to say about our products and services!

On this page you will see a few testimonials from our customers for all our products!

“I decided to purchase Imagination Games to keep the children active and occupied when we were undertaking a garden transformation. The garden was out of action for a few weeks, so this was the perfect distraction for them. They could play the game indoors and now they can continue to enjoy playing outdoors! They all loved it – including the parents!” – Peter Lloyd – Gardens by Peter Lloyd


“I would love to have Lü in our school because it is lots of fun and relaxing and helps us with work, keeps us happy and it helps me concentrate and it is amazing… please can we have it” – Pupil from year 3


“I loved the Lü because it challenges us. I would love to have Lü in our school because it helps us with Maths” – Pupil from year 2


“It would be amazing to have Lü in our school as a permanent set-up. The children were engaged from start to finish. They showed resilience, respect and challenged themselves thorough enjoyment, showing responsibility in their teams” – Teacher of Year 3


” I would love Lü in our school because it was so fun and loved it. I loved Lu because we can play games on it… the Lü was magical to me” – Year 2


“I love Lü because I was learning new things as well as having lots of fun and exercise” – Phoebe *scribed by teacher from year 2*