The Importance of Mathematics

Five questions were released ahead of World Maths Day which allegedly have stumped most adults according to the national press! 

Have you ever tried to help your child and been told “That’s not how we do it in school!” in response to your approach? 

Did you hate Maths at school?

Did you like Maths but found it difficult?

Were you great at Maths and didn’t understand why others struggled?

Do you still wonder why you studied algebra?

Do you tell yourself “I am rubbish at Maths” we could go on!


Maths is an essential part of everyday life whether you are weighing out the ingredients for a cake or calculating the amount of wallpaper you need to cover a feature wall in the lounge. Yet the teaching and learning experience of so many leaves us all bewildered. Teachers are fighting for more innovative approaches to keep up with the tech that many kids can access at home and the disparity in resources school to school is incredulous in many cases.

Lü – interactive playground engages every learner as the kids have a great time running around, having fun, working in teams, doing any mathematical tasks you care to set them. The range of applications for maths is highly engaging and motivating for each learner and more importantly the level of reinforcement and retention are mind-blowing! Combatting obesity and improving outcomes Lü is the greatest investment a school can make.

Want to know more about out Maths days or what Lü can do for you? 

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