Many teachers have told Lü that they wanted a tool that would let them survey their group on a specific topic (e.g. What was your favourite activity during the class? What sport do you want to play next? Did you enjoy today’s activity?).

Lü’s new VÖTE utility, available to Lü+ users, allows teachers to create their own questions and answers through the online creation tool (at lü-community.com) or choose predefined options, depending on their needs. It is also possible to quickly find liked or duplicated content directly in the Vöte application. With this tool, kids can express themselves easily and teachers can quickly get a feel for their students’ preferences and validate their understanding, which helps them adjust their lesson planning.

VÖTE helps kids feel motivated and engaged in their learning, all whilst fostering collaboration between teachers and their students.

SPÖRTS – New Version

The SPÖRTS app, which was launched in the last few months, is already a big hit with students and teachers alike. The creative team at Lü has decided to make a few changes that everyone is sure to love. 

These changes include the addition of new characters in the app. Kids can now choose these new colourful and fun players in the app’s sports games. With this addition, the SPÖRTS app will be even more dynamic and interactive than before!

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