Become a Wackitball Instructor

Wackitball is a new, lightweight and portable Urban Racket Sport, suitable for all ages and abilities. Unique and easy to learn, Wackitball gives players an instant feeling of success


Wackitball has the intensity of squash and tennis but can be played anywhere. The rules are unique, it is easy to learn and gives you an instant feeling of success. Reaction, speed, change of direction and tactics are skills which you will learn playing Wackitball. 2-4 players and highly addictive.

What do you get?

  • Your very own Wackitball set including the base, balls, rackets, court line and chalk.
  • A business in a box to help you and your community benefit from Wackitball
  • Wackitball instructor t-shirt
  • Round the clock support from our Wackitball Master Instructors who can help with any questions or queries you may have 

With people becoming more physically inactive, Wackitball brings something new to the table and we believe it could help promote healthier communities

Be part of something new!

  • Be one of the first Wackitball Instructors in the UK and be a trailblazer for physical activity
  • Create you own club and get people in your area to experience Wackitball
  • Earn money from your coaching 
  • Help promote health & wellbeing in your area and help make a happier and healthier society.
  • Take part in UK + International tournaments 


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