Wackitball is the newest urban racket sport in the UK and is perfect for all types of settings such as schools, community centres, sports clubs and many, many more! Below in this will be some examples of how you can use Wackitball to help you.

Neurodiverse club in Liverpool


We have many options available for schools so they can access Wackitball, but why should a school have a Wackitball instructor in their school and why not just purchase one? Well, they could do that but we want pupils and staff alike to get the full benefits of Wackitball which is why we recommend a Wackitball Instructor in schools. Not only is this so they can teach the students but also so they can train their staff on how to use it.

Pupils’ activity levels have not improved since COVID restrictions had been dropped (Read this article by the Guardian about this issue.) and this was very worrying for us. We think as a whole everyone could be doing more and they should be but we think a major step could be taken in schools.

As pupils have never seen Wackitball before, there is the excitement of a brand new thing in the school meaning more children would become active which would help this issue. It is also something that has never been in the UK before so the only way they might have seen it is through us! It allows pupils to work on their hand-eye coordination, strength

Another reason it would be perfect for schools is because of development. We currently run a neurodiverse club in St Georges Community Hub for big and little children. We coach people with autism, ADHD, dyspraxia, OCD, microcephaly, hypoglycemia and auditory processing. Lots of these children struggle in school, some even having two to one support, but at our club, they are no different to our other amazing little people. They are doing something they enjoy which engages their brain and keeps them happy. We have also used it when one of them isn’t quite right whether it be they are upset angry or just not in the right frame of mind, and playing wackitball clams them down and brings them back to a place where they can carry on their learning. It’s amazing!

For Community Centres

Each community centre has a different message and a different mission they want to complete. This could be getting people off the street, getting young children and older adults more active and even just a safe place for people to go to whenever they feel like they need it. All of the reasons listed above are why Wackitball is the perfect concoction to be available in a community centre. 

Like always, a centre could purchase a wackitball set and this is marvellous, but we once again believe that having someone who is trained in Wackitball there all the time to be able to teach and instruct all ages about how to use and enjoy Wackitball! We also recommend that someone attending one of our Wackitball courses also bring along a young ambassador for no extra cost so they can learn about the sport and can represent all young people from their centre and get more young people involved!

For Employment

Having a happy, healthy and thriving community is what everyone wants. Engaging people while staying healthy is really easy thanks to Wackitball.

When you come on a Wackitball Instructor course you get a number of things on the course which includes your own Wackitball set, an instructor t-shirt and a business in a box. The Business in a box gives you all the tips and tricks needed to use Wackitball for a living.

The instructor course also allows you to be a part of something new as Wackitball is brand new to the UK, therefore, you are more likely to get into places to do coaching as everybody wants new stuff which in turn means you are able to make money from your coaching. You can also start your own club to promote health and well being in your area and further beyond teaching individuals of all ages and abilities.

By Emmett

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